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“Memories don’t leave like people do.”

As we come to the close of another year, I am reminded of the song by Tom Jones.  “Memories don’t leave like people do”.

Some of the fondest memories can be found in the tapestry of our experiences, woven into moments of joy that we brought to others, and which we willingly received. Those fondest memories are of love, joy and the bonds formed with family and friends.

The memories of love and laughter are foremost in my mind, as jokes that were shared make me smile years later. Those spontaneous moments of heartfelt conversations and simple carefree thoughts of laughing at laughter.

These memories reside in places we have been, the people we have shared them with, and the special occasions that have left a lasting impression on our hearts. They include moments shared with persons we know and persons who know us, the strength and support offered by friends and family, and the resilience shown in times of need. They all serve as a source of comfort and remind us of the enduring impact and connection with persons, no longer physically present.

These memories and more become treasures that brighten our days when revisited, as what is lost is never far behind us.

I invite you to hum the chorus of the song with me while you revisit your memory. “Memories don’t leave like people do, they always stay with you whether they are good or bad, then that was something that you have.”

May the memories of your loved ones bring comfort and warmth to your heart today and always.

At Belgroves Funeral Home we remember with you during this season. For access to our free bereavement counselling, contact us at 235-2178.

Blog piece written by Ms. Ceirid Sampson.

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