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Antonia Beckles

Sunrise – 2nd September, 1947
Sunset – 22nd November, 2023

Celebrating the Life of Antonia Beckles

On Wednesday 22nd November 2023 Antonia Beckles was called home to gain her heavenly wings.

A remarkable journey began on Tuesday, September 2, 1947, welcoming into the world a soul destined to leave an indelible mark. Antonia Beckles, affectionately known as Ann Scott, graced this earth with a spirit that resonated far beyond the boundaries of time.

From her earliest days, Antonia found solace in the spiritual embrace of the Baptist and Orisha faith, accepting Christ with a profound devotion that would shape her journey. Her hands, skilled and nimble, wove tales of dedication at Gay Togs Garment Factory, where she spent years as a meticulous seamstress. The echo of her footsteps was also felt in the corridors of government, where she lent her skills to various 10-day projects.

Antonia’s essence overflowed with passions—handicrafts, baking, dance, horror movies, and a coveted collection of Mills and Boon books, each page a sanctuary of escapism. The dance floor became her canvas, a place where she painted ballroom magic with partners like Joey Lewis and Sel Duncan at iconic venues such as Wine and Roses and Blue Gardenia. Carnival, a symphony of color and rhythm, witnessed Antonia’s yearly transformation into a fanciful sailor, a tradition etched into the hearts of those who stood alongside Winston Spree Simon’s statue on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Her quick wit, infectious smile, and compassionate spirit became Antonia’s hallmark. Family evenings were painted with the hues of Indian movies, creating timeless memories that bound the Scott household together. A friend until the end, Antonia’s heart was an oasis of generosity and selflessness.

As a mother, Antonia was both tough and tender, a matriarch who led her five children to Christ and instilled invaluable values. In the tapestry of her life, she weathered the storms of loss, preceded in death by her mother, Kurina Scott, daughter Wendy A. Leonard, and sons Micheal A. Scott and Wendell H. Scott.

Antonia’s legacy is etched in the hearts of those she leaves behind, forever cherishing her memory. Michelle E. Scott Applewhite (Kenneth) and Theresa A. Samuel-White (Charles) stand as living testaments to her unwavering love. Her laughter echoes in the voices of grandchildren—Jenelle, Kevin, Randy, Sherva, Kandace, Onassis, Kenderson, Kendell, Kerron, Renaldo, Onitsha, Reanna, Daniel, and Revaldo.

In the embrace of Antonia’s memory, we find family: aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings—Roslyn, Donna, Cynthia, Pat (deceased), Sharon (deceased), Nigel, and Daryl. Friends Enith Spence, Naomi John, Ulric Brown, and Allen are woven into the fabric of her life story.

As we celebrate Antonia Beckles’ vibrant life, we find solace in the love she shared and the joy she brought. In the embrace of her memory, let us honor a life well-lived, a journey of love, and a legacy that will endure through the ages.

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  • S. Rampersad
    Posted December 2, 2023 at 9:02 am

    To the family of Antonia,
    I am writing to give my condolences to you at this time and to share some comforting scriptures from the Bible. Our Creator , Jehovah longs to bring those who have died back to life. He gave Jesus the power to do this in the past and will do it again in the near future (John 11:43,44, Acts 24: 15). You have the hope of seeing Antonia again when this takes place. Knowing this can give you some comfort right now (2 Corinthians 1, 3,4). You can find more information about the resurrection on
    S. Rampersad

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