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Elena “Jean” Claxton

Sunrise – 16th November, 1937
Sunset – 31st October, 2023

Celebrating the Life of Elena “Jean” Claxton

Jean, formerly of Kalloo Street, La Romaine, touched countless hearts with her warmth, kindness, and strength. She was more than a name; she was the heart of her family and a source of inspiration to all who knew her.

As the beloved wife of Lionel Claxton, their love story was a testament to enduring commitment. Although Lionel is no longer with us, their love continues to inspire us, reminding us of the beauty of a lifelong partnership.

Jean’s love and wisdom extended to her children, Kenneth, Dawn, Michael, and Mervyn. In their laughter, in their shared stories, and in the values they hold dear, Jean’s legacy lives on.

As a grandmother to Roxanne, Derreck, Kenton, Judy, Cassien, Chelsea, and Gabriel, Elena left an indelible mark. She shared not only her love but also her wisdom, guiding the younger generation toward lives of purpose and kindness.

Elena’s roots were deeply entwined with her parents, Agatha and Burey, and her siblings—Glen, Lucille, Roy, Foster, and Lucy. Together, they wove a family tapestry of support and love that endures to this day.

Elena’s nurturing spirit extended beyond her immediate family, touching the hearts of many nieces, nephews, and relatives who felt her love.

In the larger community, Jean found friendship with the Boyce, Montrose, Holder, Nedd, Bailey families, and countless others. She showed us the value of creating bonds that span generations.

Today, we celebrate the remarkable story of Elena ‘Jean’ Claxton—a life that touched so many others. Let us remember her in joy, for her journey was not just a list of dates, but a beautiful story that enriched our lives.

Elena’s story may have come to a close, but her memory will forever remain a cherished chapter in our hearts.

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