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Kenwin “Blob” Tyson

Sunrise – 12th February, 1957
Sunset – 21st December, 2023

Celebrating the Life of Kenwin “Blob” Tyson

In celebrating the life and legacy of Kenwin Tyson, affectionately known as Blob, we pay homage to a cherished son and brother who left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who knew him.

Born on February 12th, 1957, at 602 Southern Main Road Rousillac Village, Rousillac, Kenwin was one of the beloved sons of Andrew and Edna Tyson, both now at rest. He shared his journey with siblings Victoria Paul, Marilyn Cooper, Fitzalbert Tyson Sr., Ralph Welson, Yvette Tyson, Andrew Tyson, Gemma Tyson, Ritchie Tyson, and Wendell Tyson.

Kenwin’s departure leaves behind a legacy of love, as he will be remembered by nephews Roy, Stephon, Fitzalbert Jr., Kirk, Aaron Tyson, and many more, along with nieces Anne Marie, Cindy, Keisha, Abby, Johanna, Danielle, Meghan, Shanice, and many others. His grand nephews and nieces, including one great nephew, are left with the memory of a kind and gentle soul.

A man of strength, quietude, and independence, Kenwin earned the reputation among his siblings and friends as the serious, responsible, and dependable one. Renowned as the original DJ in the Tyson family, he sparked the love and passion for spinning records and deejaying parties among his brothers.

Kenwin found joy in life’s simple pleasures—watching and keeping birds, playing and watching football and cricket, and indulging in the excitement of horse racing. His kindness, infectious smile, and engaging conversations will be dearly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

As we bid farewell to Kenwin, we envision him resting peacefully in heaven, reunited with Ma, Daddy, and his siblings—Marilyn, affectionately known as “Maro,” Fitzalbert, fondly called “Buster,” and Victoria, known as “Shirley.” May his legacy of love and the joy he brought to those around him continue to resonate in our hearts.

We invite you to leave pictures / videos below in the comments highlighting your favourite memory with Kenwin “Blob” Tyson

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  • Cindy Rostant
    Posted December 28, 2023 at 2:59 pm

    Rest In Peace Uncle Blob! You are with your parents and siblings sharing a joke. I will always remember you saying ” Cindy, yuh not coming up de road to check meh.” when you did not see me for a few days.

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