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Lucille Noray

Sunrise – 23rd December, 1927
Sunset – 20th November, 2023

Celebrating the Life of Lucille Noray

Lucille, a beacon of love, was the eldest sister of nine siblings survived by Fitzroy, Phyllis, Joyce & Verna Her nurturing spirit extended to a vast family, becoming the cherished aunt to Stacy, Avril, Kember, Loren, Joanne, Wayne, Anthony, David, Marlon, Clyde, and thirteen other precious souls. Through her, the tapestry of family was woven with threads of laughter, guidance, and boundless affection.

The generational ripples of Lucille’s love touched the lives of many, as she stood proudly as a great aunt to Victoria, Diana, David (USA), Jonathon, Sophie, Adelyn, and Kyle. In the shared moments and whispered wisdom, she gifted them the warmth of a great aunt’s love—a love that transcends time.

Lucille’s circle extended beyond blood ties, weaving friendships that illuminated the narrative of her life. In the heart of camaraderie, she found joy with friends like Jennifer Leach, Sister Ramlal, Norma Sorzano, and the cherished members of her church community. Their shared laughter and mutual support painted a canvas of friendship that added hues of richness to Lucille’s life.

On Friday, December 1, 2023, at 9:30 am, the El Socorro Church of The Nazarene – located at #7 Chanka Street El Socorro – we gather to pay tribute to Lucille’s life.

As the sun embraces the sky, we will bid farewell to Lucille at the Crown Street Public Cemetery, Crown Street Tacarigua—a final resting place that echoes the quiet beauty of her spirit.

The family of Lucille Noray extends heartfelt gratitude to all who stood by them during this time of bereavement. Your support has been a source of strength, and in honoring Lucille’s memory, let us continue to celebrate the profound impact she had on each of our lives.

In the chapters of Lucille’s story, let us find solace in the celebration of a life well-lived, a story etched with love, laughter, and the enduring spirit of a remarkable woman.

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