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Lucita La Foucade also known as Ms. Rena / Mammy Reen’s

Sunrise – 31st August 1920
Sunset – 26th November, 2023

Celebrating the vibrant life of Lucita La Foucade also known as Ms. Rena / Mammy Reen’s who journeyed beyond the earthly realm on Sunday, November 26, 2023.

Lucita, once a resident of Huggins Street, St. Croix, will forever be remembered as a beacon of love, resilience, and familial devotion. Her journey as the cherished wife of the late George Robinson painted a narrative of partnership, commitment, and shared joys.

In the rich tapestry of family, Lucita’s role as a mother to Barbara, Gloria, the late Patricia, Hyacinth, Edward, and Annie was the cornerstone of her legacy. As a grandmother, her love extended to Rocky, Rodney, Sean, Camille, Anton, Hazel, Lisa, Tricia, Maxene, Bunny, Kevin, Dexter, Brian, Laura, Julia – an array of souls whose lives were touched by her warmth and wisdom.

Generations upon generations were blessed by Lucita’s presence, as she became the great-grandmother of Rykiel, Akeil, Rene, Jubezz, Rachel, Kevia, Kamia, Sheldon, Matteo, Kerdell, Jessie, Zhane, Kya, Eion, Katriel, Nayeli, Akayla, Trichelle, Jaron, Micah, Zane, Kelly, Camino, Jade, Chervelle, King, Kellyann. The echoes of her love reverberated even further, embracing the great-great-grandchildren—Kaylon, Asa, Aiden, Ala’a, A’casia, and Amiyah’kay.

Lucita’s familial bonds extended to Cleve Sougrin as her son-in-law, adding another layer of connection to her legacy. As the daughter of Alteno La Foucade and Ephemia Padilla, Lucita stood as a testament to the strength and resilience passed down through generations. In the symphony of family ties, she was the sister of Estphany La Foucade (Cheny), Eldica La Foucade, and the daughter-in-law of the late Edith Williams and Oscar Robinson.

The canvas of Lucita’s life embraced friendships as well, with Sister Mazie Hamilton, Rita Smyke, and Gladys Bristol-Charles being cherished companions, along with close relatives Joseph and Gloria Abraham, who shared in the laughter and camaraderie that painted the chapters of her life.

On Monday, December 4, 2023, at 11:30 a.m., the Missions Tabernacle on Williams Street, Princes Town, will resonate with the melodies of a tribute service—a celebration of Lucita’s journey. Following the service, her story will continue with a cremation at Belgroves Crematorium, 2-6 Belgrove Lane, Coffee Street, San Fernando, at 3:00 p.m.

As we bid farewell to Lucita La Foucade, let us not mourn the end but celebrate the chapters of love, laughter, and lasting connections that she leaves behind. In the echoes of her memory, may we find solace and inspiration to continue weaving our own stories of love and kinship.

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