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Margaret Patricia Harriott

Sunrise – 24th May, 1956
Sunset – 18th November, 2023

Celebrating the Life of Margaret Patricia Harriott

With hearts full of cherished memories, we joyously celebrate the remarkable life of Margaret Patricia Harriott.

Margaret, the cherished daughter of the late Patrick (Dolly) Harriott and Eleanora Harriott, embarked on a remarkable journey as a devoted mother. She lovingly nurtured her daughters, Shyvonne Williams-Serrette, Shyrelle Williams, and Tanisha Williams, imparting wisdom and grace.

As a grandmother, Margaret’s heart expanded to embrace Jodie Narinesingh, Jayden Narinesingh, and Zoë Serrette, creating a legacy of warmth and affection. Alongside her sister Monica Harriott and the late Octavia Ash, and Gillian Ash, Margaret was a pillar of strength in her family, their bond an unbreakable force.

Her role as mother-in-law to Kairon Serrette, aunt to Hebron Douglas, the late Jan Harriott, Cherry-Ann, Roger, and Rick Craigwell, and Pam and Johnross Wilson, was adorned with love and guidance. As a godmother to Roxanne Cooper, Charmaine Reid, Candace Tuitt, Camille Dillon, Hebron Douglas, and Vanessa Dick, Margaret’s influence extended far beyond her immediate family.

Cousin to Kenneth Fraser, Errol Rojas, Angela Valentine, Patrick Harriott, June Grant, Cheryl Devenish, Dolly Lendor, Michael Carew, Charmaine Dube, and others, Margaret’s family tree was rich with connections. She stood proudly among the Carews, Harriotts, and others, fostering a sense of belonging and kinship. Niece of the late Beryl, George, Jestina, and Enid Carew, Christine Fortune, James, and Lesley Harriott, and Knolly Carew, Margaret’s spirit dances among the stars, a testament to a life well-lived and a love that transcends time.

In the tapestry of Margaret’s life, friendship was a cherished thread. Her dear friends Gwenda Crooks, June Batson, Susan Craig, Angela Iloo, and many others shared in her joys and supported her through thick and thin.

The chapters of Margaret’s story will be celebrated on Friday, November 24, 2023, at Belgroves Funeral Home in Tacarigua. As the sun sets, a private cremation will follow, marking the continuation of Margaret’s journey in the realm of cherished memories.

The family extends deep gratitude to all who have stood beside them during this poignant chapter. Margaret’s tale lives on in the hearts of those who loved her and in the echoes of laughter and love that resonated through her life.

We invite you to share a cherished memory in the comments below.

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