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Pearl Lakhansingh

Sunrise – 19th Novemeber, 1936
Sunset – 4th November, 2023

Celebrating the Life of Pearl Lakhansingh

Pearl Lakhansingh, a beautiful soul whose journey was a symphony of love and laughter, has left behind a treasure trove of cherished memories. She was not defined by her sunset, but by the radiant life she lived.

As the daughter of the late Deo and Rose Seetahal, Pearl’s roots were deeply anchored in a rich tapestry of family love and values. She was the beloved wife of the late Gerald Boysie Lakhansingh, whose memory continued to illuminate her path.

Pearl’s legacy lives on in her children: Vindra, Linda, Debbie, Sharron, and Lystra. Each of them carries forward the lessons of love and strength she imparted, creating a living tribute to her extraordinary motherhood.

As a mother-in-law to Bob Gosine, Junior Sammy, Rammie Ramsubir, Nicky Harrikissoon, and Dexter Samlalsingh, she nurtured not just her children but the extended family, extending her love to all.

Pearl’s warmth and love touched the lives of many, including her grandchildren: Damien, Leigh-Anne, Sacha, Brittany, Shaun, Shivonne, Sharlon, Shayane, Jesse, Raj, Devon, Chad, Elisse, Alyssa, Emily, and Christiane. Her legacy continues through these precious souls.

Pearl’s story was one of love and connection, evident in her role as a great grandmother to Rai and Shaun Jr. She left behind not just memories but the promise of a bright future through these young ones.

A loving sister to Omah (Mala), Leela (John), Sally (Rakhib), Neil, Mitra (Seema), Valmic, and the late Ricky, Praima, and Pat, Pearl’s life was interwoven with the bonds of family. She was a source of strength and inspiration to her siblings, creating a lifelong connection.

Pearl’s journey included the guidance of her late sister-in-law, Patsy Herrera, and her late brothers-in-law, Harold and Ronald Lakhansingh, as well as Baby Chattergoon. Together, they shared the stories, laughter, and love that made their family unique.

She was a beloved aunt and cousin to many, leaving behind a trail of love and memories.

We invite you to celebrate the extraordinary life of Pearl Lakhansingh:

Tribute Service Date: Wednesday, 8th November 2023 Time: 4:00 pm Location: Belgroves Prayer Room

Following the tribute service, a 6:00 pm cremation will be held at the same location.

Pearl’s legacy lives on in the hearts she touched. Let us come together not in sorrow but in celebration of a life well-lived, filled with love and the precious moments that will forever be treasured.

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