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Theresa Thompson

Sunrise: 09th January 1968

Sunset: 08th October 2023

Theresa Thompson, a beautiful soul filled with boundless love for her family and friends, left a legacy of warmth and affection that will forever be treasured.

She was the devoted daughter of Olive and Linus Blair, both now at peace. As a mother, Theresa was the heart and soul of her family, nurturing and guiding her children with love and grace. She leaves behind her loving children: Anita, Kerryn, Kerby, and Marik, who will forever hold her memory close.

Theresa was a cherished sister, sharing her laughter and support with Gloria, Samuel, and the late Daniel. Her kindness extended to her dear sisters-in-law, Margaret, Peter, and Heather.

As an aunt, Theresa brightened the lives of Kevon, Joel, Carvel, David, and the late Princess and Shawn. She also touched the hearts of her great nieces and nephews: Erzulie, Onella, Nikesha, Joshua, Tevon, Daniel, Jordan, Jacob, Jerimiah, and the late Rebecca. She was the godmother to Kester, Kern, Chelsea, Samantha, Josiah, and many others, leaving an indelible mark on their lives.

Theresa’s love and care extended to her relatives, including Joan, Debbie, Elizabeth, Arleen, Annmarie, and many more, creating a tight-knit and loving family bond.

Her circle of friends was vast, with Alicia, Cindy, Glen, and families like the Phillips, Pompeys, and Josephs sharing in her warmth and affection.

As we celebrate the life of Theresa Thompson, let us remember the love she shared and the love she inspired. Her memory lives on in the hearts of those she touched.

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