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At Belgroves Funeral Home, we recognize the unparalleled significance of celebrating a life well-lived. The Legacy Farewell is a bespoke offering that goes beyond the ordinary, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for families seeking to honor and preserve the rich tapestry of their loved ones’ legacies. 

Burial Packages Include

Cemetery Allotment at Cemetery of Choice
Grave Marker
Lowering Device

Cremation Packages Include

Cremation & Earthen Urn

Other Services Include:

All essential services for the preparation of the Honouree
Standard Funeral Coach
Safekeeping overnight and 1 day
Social Media Passages™ Post
Personalized Memorial Web Profile
Prayer Room with Multimedia Equipment
100 Full Colour Foundation Line Programmes

Choice of Casket:

Raised Tulip 
Orchid Rental

Legacy Farewell

Complimentary Services

Memorial Accolade

Private Family Viewing

Bereavement Counselling