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Our Vision

To be the preferred funeral solutions provider with a well-established global presence.

Our Mission

To transform the Belgroves Group of Companies into a world-class, customer-driven, funeral solutions provider, distinguished by a dynamic team of professionals, continually setting standards for the industry.

Our Core Values


We value honesty and act in ways that are consistent with the highest standard of professional integrity, demonstrating respect and trust in others


The commitment to producing planned results within ethical guidelines.


Functioning as a team to attain our organizational goals and working collaboratively with all departments, employees, and customers.

Customer Focus

Providing an unparalleled mix of superior services, involving all that the company has to offer, resulting in a total solution to internal and external clients.


Seeing and knowing what needs to be done and doing it without prompting and direction from others.

Customer Learning

We create a culture that encourages personal and professional growth accomplishments resulting in improved professionalism and better contribution to the mission.


We will communicate to create a shared understanding by actively listening, observing, speaking, questioning, analysing, and evaluating information so that collaboration and cooperation occurs.


Our work behaviour demonstrates responsible personal and professional conduct, which contributes to the overall goals and objectives of the Belgroves Group of Companies (BGC).