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Our History

The Belgroves Funeral Home Company Limited (BFHL) is a full-service funeral home established on August 15th, 1888. At Belgroves, we understand the loss of a loved one can be one of the most challenging times for you and your family. But we remain committed to being with you throughout this process. Therefore, our team of dedicated and highly trained professional memorial coordinators will help you navigate the next steps after the death of your loved one. When someone you love passes, it is not the big things you miss the most, but it is all the invaluable little moments and memories you shared that have a lasting effect. These were the things that mean the most and made your loved one undeniably special. We will specialize and we will facilitate any request you may have to plan a unique tribute service that embodies your loved one; providing a high level of service to celebrate the life and legacy of your loved one. Let us assist you and your family in creating a tribute service that honours the memories of your loved one in a meaningful way.

The Genesis (1827 to 1833)

Setting ourselves apart as a company celebrating life’s precious memories, our story began with a dream; one of a courageous and ambitious enslaved woman from Barbados and mother of three sons, Mary Jane Belgrove. Mary was born to a slave mistress, Isabella Belgrove, on Boxing Day in 1827 in the…Read More

Chains Broken.. A Dream Realised (1834 to 1910)

It was 1834 and shouting voices can be heard miles away as the enslaved people were now freed, Mary’s dream can be finally realised! Charting the trajectory of her destiny and that of her children for the first time. Mary and her sons made their way to Trinidad opening a…Read More

Exciting Times Ahead (1850 to 1912)

For Mary’s son, Joesph W. Belgrove, and his brothers these were exciting times!   Helping their mom in the family business, they all got involved in constructing coffins for the next day’s funeral in their backyard. The pride Joseph felt in creating something new and from his free will taught…Read More

A Glitch in the Time Continuum (1886 to 1952)

With World War I right around the corner, J. Archibald Vondyke Belgrove, Joseph’s son took over the business. Poverty and poor living conditions abounded as the world was thrust into the Great Depression after WWI. Access to basic necessities was problematic; how could people even afford to bury the dead?…Read More

The Revolution (1910 to 1978)

Being an eyewitness to the struggles his dad faced, Lionel Belgrove challenged himself to do better. A philanthropist at heart, he hosted weekly informal charities where he gave money to individuals who really needed it; right on Coffee Street in San Fernando. His son Reynold, was the first US qualified…Read More

A Touch of Destiny (1950 to Present)

It is widely believed that Lionel had a premonition of sorts on the night before he named his last son Keith to be his successor. Over the next 35 years, Keith would transform the funeral home into the Belgroves Group of Companies consisting of 5 funeral homes, 4 modern crematoria,…Read More

The Future (1979 to Present)

Still at the helm and forever the visionary, Keith Belgrove has named his successor; daughter Mercedes Belgrove. Holding a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance and Economics, a Master’s in Business Administration from the prestigious Emory University and Funeral Home Management training from Mount Ida College in Boston. Growing up…Read More