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Our Amber Package has been constructed to help you preserve the memories and legacies of your loved ones. The Amber Stone is aptly described as an impeccable time capsule. Without effort, it preserves the evolutionary process that would otherwise remain a mystery to us. This is why the Amber Stone is believed to be the resting place for departed souls; preserving histories and legacies, it is truly one of a kind.

Burial Packages Include

Cemetery Allotment at Cemetery of Choice
Grave Mattress ~ Standard

Cremation Packages Include

Cremation & Earthen Urn

Other Services Include:

All essential services for the preparation of the Honouree
Standard Funeral Coach
Prayer Room with Multimedia Equipment
Floral Casket Centrepiece
Passages™ Funeral Announcement
Coloured Foundation Line Programmes

Choice of Coffin:

Raised Tulip
Flat Tulip ~ Polished
Prestige Cremation Tray ~ Upholstered


Complimentary Services

Memorial Accolade

Personalized Memorial

Web Profile

Private Family Viewing

Bereavement Counselling