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The Graceful Goodbye package is intricately designed to offer a serene and deeply heartfelt farewell, meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of your family. Every element is carefully considered to create a meaningful and comforting experience during this sensitive time of remembrance.

Burial Packages Include

Cemetery Allotment at Cemetery of Choice
Extra Plush Grave Mattress
Grave Marker

Cremation Packages Include

Cremation & Earthen Urn

Other Services Include:

All essenQal services for the preparaQon of the Honouree
Safekeeping overnight
Standard Funeral Coach
Social Media Passages Post
Personalized Memorial Web Profile
Prayer Room with MulQmedia Equipment
50 Full Colour FoundaQon Line Programmes
Small Wreath

Choice of Casket:

Flat Tulip Polished or Orchid Rental

Graceful Goodbye

Complimentary Services

Memorial Accolade

Private Family Viewing

Bereavement Counselling