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The heartbreaking loss of a baby can leave parents and loved ones with immense grief, sadness, and emotional pain. The inability to achieve key milestones with your angel creates a sting.

We believe that no footprint is too small to leave a mark on this world. It is our hope that those that have chosen this package look to their little ones as angels.

Burial Packages Include

All essential services for the preparation of the Little Angel
Cemetery Allotment at Cemetery of Choice
One Grave Marker
Floral Wreath

Cremation Packages Include

Cremation & Earthen Urn

Casket Options Include

Orchid Upholstered – 30″

Orchid Upholstered – 36″

Orchid Upholstered – 48″

Orchid Upholstered – 54″


Complimentary Services

Online Memorial Page

Private Family Viewing

Bereavement Counselling