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Arlene Ann-Bullard

April 2nd 1970 – March 15th 2024

On the second day of April in 1970, in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago, a sweet-tempered baby girl entered the lives of Aldwyn Fitz-Allan Bullard and Arline Bernadette Andrews-Bullard as their firstborn child. She was named Arlene-Ann Denielle, though she would be called just Arlene by both her parents and siblings for most of her life.

By the age of three, Arlene was enrolled in nursery school and from thence proceeded to the Point Fortin Church School, San Fernando SDA Primary School, and Southern Academy of SDA, all located in the southern part of the island of Trinidad.  During those growing-up years, Arlene participated in many school and church-based activities, including Pathfinders, Christmas plays, church and school choirs, drama clubs and Carnival camps.

As the firstborn, Arlene was often tasked with the responsibilities of caring for her younger siblings when her parents were not at home. Very often this would involve preparing food or beverages and, as a result, she developed a knack for working in the kitchen.  This ultimately guided her into the path for further studies in Culinary Arts and Food and Beverage Management at the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (TTHTI) and ultimately a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of the Southern Caribbean.

During her time studying at university, Arlene-Ann worked in the cafeteria, where she made many lifelong friends some of whom, like she did, later joined the employ of the institution. Arlene-Ann’s career saw her working in several food establishments over the years, including VegOut on the campus of the UWI and the Papa John’s Pizza Franchise. She worked at her alma mater, USC, for almost a decade and within the last two years of her life, was in the employ of the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago.

Apart from cooking, Arlene-Ann had varied creative hobbies including singing, gardening, soap-making, centerpiece and wreath creation and innovating multiplicities of haircare concoctions.

One of Arlene-Ann’s greatest gifts was her compassion and care for others.  As a result, she “adopted” many children and young people over the years, turning her life’s work in meal preparation into a ministry.

Today she rests from her labors of love, awaiting the call of the life-giver on Resurrection Day.


  • Angelle
    Posted April 2, 2024 at 2:32 am

    Today, April 2nd would have been Arlene’s birthday. Growing up, birthdays were always celebrated in the family but the most memorable in my mind was when we celebrated her ”sweet 16” birthday. Besides us, the house was full of friends who lavished her with gifts aplenty. I wish we could have had the opportunity to shower her with as much attention and affection today.

  • Ariselle Bullard
    Posted April 2, 2024 at 2:35 am

    Rest in peace my sweet aunty mummy. Happy heavenly birthday 😇

  • Adele Mack
    Posted April 2, 2024 at 6:45 am

    The sweetest and most cherished thing in my world is knowing someone very incredible, beautiful and adorable who shared the same birthdate with me. I’m saddened that on this special day I don’t get to send my birthday twin special greetings and I know that it certainly breaks your heart that this is the first birthday you wouldn’t be able to share with Arlene. May the cherished moments you shared be a source of comfort and warmth and illuminate your hearts❤️ 💙.

  • Cyril
    Posted April 2, 2024 at 9:40 am

    There are so many wonderful memories I have of Arlene over the, most of her life years. She was such a calm person. Nothing ever seemed to rattle her. And her smile, if she was not smiling she always looked as though one was around the corner. I have had numerous interactions with her over the years and not one was even slightly close to unpleasant. It is a testimony to her consistency. I am absolutely thankful for knowing her and I am looking forward to the great reunion day. What a day that will be.

  • Aminta Bullard
    Posted April 2, 2024 at 10:25 am

    Happy birthday Arlene. You are missed. ❤️

  • Amaris
    Posted April 2, 2024 at 10:46 am

    Feliz cumpleaños prima. We miss you❤️

  • Ada
    Posted April 2, 2024 at 12:28 pm

    There are so many memories we shared together over the eighteen plus years I know Arlene. We moved from doing our degree together to working at USC at the same time and place. A legend she was. Always so pleasant, kind and, hardworking, I have never meet anyone so genuine. I miss her dearly. That infectious loud laughter and wonderful personality will forever be etched in my heart . Gone too soon but will never be forgotten. Sleep in peace my forever friend. ♥️

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