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Octavia Jeffers

Octavia “Doctris” Jeffers, a resident of San Fernando, passed away peacefully on March 20th, 2023. Her departure from this world has left a void in the hearts of all who knew and loved her. Octavia, fondly known as Doctris, will be remembered for her love, strength, and unwavering spirit.

Octavia was the beloved daughter of Shedrack Birkette (deceased) and Grace Duntin (deceased). As their daughter, she brought joy and pride to their lives, and her memory will forever be cherished by her family.

She was the loving wife of Neville Jeffers (deceased), who was her partner and companion throughout their lives. Their love was a testament to the power of devotion and shared experiences.

Octavia’s role as a mother brought immense joy and fulfillment to her life. She leaves behind her children Esther, Lima, and Lester (deceased). Octavia poured her heart and soul into raising them, imparting valuable lessons and instilling in them the values of love, compassion, and resilience.

Octavia’s legacy extends to her role as a grandmother to Marlon, Alisha, Keyon, Chantal, Nevera, Tanisha, Tamika, and Tiffany. Her love and guidance provided a strong foundation for their lives, and she celebrated their every accomplishment with pride.

She was a beloved great-grandmother to Khai, Naeema, Kylie, Matthew, Taniya, Saige, Taveya, and Sainnt. Octavia treasured the time spent with her great-grandchildren, creating lasting memories and sharing in their joys and triumphs.

Octavia was a sister to Boysie (deceased), Albertina (deceased), Samuel (deceased), Velma, Stanley (deceased), Selwyn, and Elma. Their bond was unbreakable, and they supported and cared for one another throughout their lives.

As an aunt, Octavia held a special place in the hearts of her nieces, nephews, and extended family. Her love and guidance influenced their lives, and she will be deeply missed by Joseph, Egberth, Earl, Marilyn, Carl, Jacklyn, Ermine, Germaine, Dave, Lester, Louanne, Joanne, Brian, Sherwin, Maggie, Keith, Angela, Franklyn, and many others.

Octavia’s memory is cherished by the Birkette, Hunt, Duntin, Pedros, Cooper, and Saunders families. Her love and presence enriched their lives, and her memory will forever be a source of inspiration.

Throughout her life, Octavia formed deep and meaningful friendships. Shirley Collins, Malcom Fraser, and many others were fortunate to have experienced the warmth and friendship she offered. Their bond brought joy and comfort into Octavia’s life.

The family expresses their heartfelt gratitude to all who have sent prayers, well wishes, and condolences during this difficult time. Your support and love have provided strength and comfort to Octavia’s loved ones.

A funeral service to honor Octavia’s life will be held on [Date] at [Location]. Friends, family, and all whose lives were touched by Octavia are invited to join in celebrating her remarkable journey.

May Octavia’s soul find eternal peace, and may her loved ones find solace in the memories shared and the love they carry in their hearts. Rest in peace, dear Octavia.

With deepest sympathy.

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