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Every day is a new beginning 

What have you lost today that is discouraging your ability to see the beauty and promise that will come tomorrow? So often we don’t recognize the growth that happens when faced with loss, and therefore we continue to dwell on what was, and not what could be. 

We have all faced the days of feeling frustrated, unhappy, overwhelmed, and confused, and we could find many negative words to describe feelings associated with failure. How can we seek opportunity amid such uncertainty? 

New beginnings commence with you making new decisions, restating your goal, and rebuilding relationships, when one is lost. Each day is a new day, so let’s start with a blank slate to rewrite those goals and plan your future. Being persistent and confident is the key to achieving what you want and to creating a meaningful life. Why is persistence of importance when creating a meaningful life? Because it’s the only trait that speaks to personal development and self-improvement. You will all agree with me that you cannot change the past, and what was done is done. If you look at your past, everything that has happened has allowed you to be where you are now, but tomorrow is the future, and that is within your control. 

I remember someone sharing with me the many times they were scolded as a child for their unacceptable behaviour not realizing that, until our discussion, the lessons that they were being taught at that time, encouraged them to become the CEO of their own company, a wonderful father, and an exemplary leader. After our discussion he then agreed with me that he should be thanking his parents, not continuously disliking them for the method used, and painful lessons he was taught. 

Learning to see each ending as a new beginning and not as a form of punishment will change the way you experience life every time there is a loss. Don’t make things more difficult than they already are, trust in who you are and make tomorrow a new beginning. I am aware that this is easier said than done, but if you continue to engage in the past, you are only hindering your future. I urge you therefore to stay away from what was and embrace what could be. Often, we don’t realise that we are the ones responsible for our inability to grow as we continue to be blinded by the fear of the unknown. 

Don’t let that fearful person be you. 

It’s never too late to become everything that you ever wanted to be. 

Ceirid Sampson 

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